Defacto chooses Insiteo to guide visitors in La Défense business district

Accuracy and reliability for Europe's largest business district

Insiteo has been chosen by Defacto, the entity in charge of “La Défense” business district, to integrate its technology in the “La Défense City Map” application. This application helps visitors find their way in the area which includes a large amount of businesses, services, transportation and retail stores.

Insiteo has been chosen after a selection process for its accurate and efficient solution, and also for its ability to mix indoor with outdoor location. With a bad GPS reception between building towers, more than 350 weather-proof Bluetooth Low Energy beacons have been deployed in key La Défense spots in order to provide a reliable service to Defacto. Insiteo’s location services are embedded in the location and navigation app, which is developed by Capgemini.
“We are very proud to announce the operational deployment of our technology for the benefit of La Defense visitors. The project initiated by Defacto is very ambitious and we had to deliver a flawless quality of service on a very large area and in very short timeframes. Our expertise and solution has been key to this success.

Accuracy and reliability for Europe's largest business district:
Delivering these services is really important since the use of the technology and services will be open to other stakeholders, in order to help them to deliver similar services in La Défense: enterprises, car parks, shopping centers, train stations.” said Arnaud Masson, CEO Insiteo.

Insiteo beacons have a very long battery life, are weather-proof and are extremely easy to deploy. Onboard smartphone devices, our algorithms leverage Bluetooth Low Energy, Wifi and also sensors (accelerometer, compass, barometer) to deliver extremely accurate and reliable location.
Thanks to our technology, more than 180 000 workers and about 8.4 million yearly visitors will be able to use the « La Défense : My City Map » application, thus benefiting from a 2m accuracy location service even in places where GPS does not work.