How it works ?

Insiteo’s platform provides value-added location services for smartphones. It embeds our state-of-the-art indoor location technology and makes it very simple to deploy and operate. Whether you are actively using an application of leaving your device locked in your pocket, our solution is able to deliver very accurate indoor positioning.
Our technology relies on algorithms which can cope with a wide variety of deployments and environments. The solution relies on thy hybridization of multiple information sources: power measurement Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals, smartphone sensors analysis (accelerometer, compass, barometer), and information provided by the map (possible paths, transition areas between floors, etc.) We can reach a 2-meter accuracy, automatically detect floors changes and provide several location updates per second for an optimal user experience.
Insiteo’s solution consists in three components:
  • autonomous BLE beacons which are deployed in buildings
  • a mobile SDK which is embedded in applications
  • a back-end which is used to manage all services: location calibration, infrastructure monitoring, maps and navigation, geofencing and interactions, analytics.

3 components

Beacons :

  • no wiring
  • extremely low power consumption
  • from 2-year (iBeacon and background location mode) to 5-year (geolocation mode) battery life
  • supports iBeacon, Eddystone and geolocation signatures
  • indoor and weather-proof versions (IP 65)
  • simple and easy to install
Note : Our solution is optimized with our beacons but can work with any BLE beacon


  • iOS and Android versions
  • On-line documentation
  • Easy to integrate
  • Insiteo provides support and sample code
  • Proven reliability track record on more than 50 partner applications

Back office

  • User authentication with different levels of access rights (customer, partner, platform admin)
  • One interface to manage all your sites and buildings
  • Access through an API
  • Provides latest configuration data to devices using the SDK
Managed services
  • Indoor location settings and calibration data
  • Beacons: list and status
  • Maps: floor-plans, outdoor maps, wayfinding configuration
  • Notifications: contents, link to 3rd party contents, triggering rules (location, time and date)
  • Analytics: anonymous reporting of data and usage statistics