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Smart Buildings Strategy

Indoor geolocation services leader Insiteo boosts investment strategy in smart buildings

Après une année 2016 prolifique dans le secteur des smart buildings, la société Insiteo a décidé de concentrer ses efforts en 2017 sur ce marché et prévoit l’embauche de nouveaux collaborateurs pour poursuivre sa croissance.
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Defacto chooses Insiteo to guide visitors in La Défense business district

Accuracy and reliability for Europe's largest business district

Insiteo has been chosen by Defacto, the entity in charge of “La Défense” business district, to integrate its technology in the “La Défense City Map” application. This application helps visitors find their way in the area which includes a large amount of businesses, services, transportation and retail stores.

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New Site - Insiteo

Our new web site

Just for you

Insiteo’s team is happy to let you discover our new web site.

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Why Insiteo ?

« Insiteo’s indoor location services platform allows end-users to find their way. Site owners can know users’ paths and profiles and interact with them in an efficient and non-intrusive manner. »
The solution developed by Insiteo is an indoor location service platform which helps building owners or operators (smart buildings, shopping centers, airports, exhibition centers, ...) to develop a relation with their visitors thanks to a mobile application.
Thanks to its expertise, Insiteo has developed solutions around: BLE beacons, location algorithms, maps and analytics. Altogether, these building blocks deliver, through Insiteo’s unique platform, a global service offer in proximity marketing, location based analytics and user navigation as expected by the indoor location market.Innovative and value-added tools are provided, which allow users and customers to:
  • BUILD accurate and meaningful statistics about the building usage, hot and cold areas, and even identify typical user profiles
  • ANALYZE user behavior in an individual and anonymous manner
  • INCREASE the value of in-building services, by delivering useful and real time information about room occupancy, or by interacting with visitors.

Insiteo, for whom 

Smart Buildings

Employees and visitors can easily find their way and are guided to available meeting-rooms. Maintenance workers are guided to their tasks and site owners get an in-detail knowledge of their buildings spaces’ occupancy.

Retail stores

Shoppers receive personal notifications when they are near products relevant for them.

Shopping Centers

Accurate, individual visitor paths and profiles are collected. They can be encouraged in a relevant and non-intrusive manner to enter stores matching with their interests, at the proper place and time.


Travelers can now easily find their way to the gates in a comfortable and relaxing manner. They can be guided to relevant shops based on their available time and location.


Visitors are guided to the booths they want to visit, or along a thematic itinerary. In the meantime, exhibitors can attract nearby visitors to their booths.


Customers are detected when they enter, thus triggering the preparation of the meal they ordered from the mobile application. Waiters know at which table they have to serve geolocated customers.

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