Analytics, what for ?

Strict Privacy rules

  • Insiteo enforces all required privacy rules
  • Collected data is anonymous and contains no private information
  • Analytics are only collected after the user explicitly opts-in

Dwell times

  • Comprehensive data: entrance and exit date and time, visit duration.
  • Accurate data: visited areas, paths
  • Individual visitor data: visit recurrence

Room occupancy

  • Insiteo’s platform detects and counts the number of unique users in each area.
  • This information is available in real-time and identifies unique users.

Heat maps

  • Visualize your sites’ occupancy statistics
  • Identify most occupied areas
  • Adapt your site and business thanks to occupancy statistics

User profiles

  • Insiteo’s platform provides users’ visit profiles
  • These profiles represent visit behaviors and habits of the visitors
  • They can be used to target notifications


  • Insiteo’s graphical interface is comprehensive and versatile
  • Dashboards are fully customizable
  • Analytics data is available at any time

Raw data

  • You can access raw-data to derive your own indicators
  • You can cross-match them with your own data

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