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Smart Buildings Strategy

Indoor geolocation services leader Insiteo boosts investment strategy in smart buildings

After a prolific 2016 year in the smart buildings sector, the Toulouse based company Insiteo decided to concentrate its efforts on this market and plans to hire new employees to continue its growth.

A 10-fold revenue increase in 2016

Insiteo closed the 2016 financial year on a more than positive balance sheet. Specializing in indoor geolocation services, the company headed by Arnaud Masson continues its growth and announces a 10-fold increase in its turnover in the smarts buildings sector in 2016. Thanks to its expertise, the company has convinced customers such as La Poste, PSA, and Honeywell in the United States.

"The smart buildings market is a growing market. Building owners now consider that the value of their buildings will increasingly be linked to the digital services it will provide to its occupants such as Wi-Fi access or geolocation services.

But the enthusiasm is mainly due to the benefits provided by these services, especially for companies. They whish to optimize the use of their spaces by following a Flex Office approach. They are also confronted to the problems of meeting room management. With Insiteo, they can accompany these mutations with a geolocalized mobile application that tells users which is the nearest available space, office or meeting room and saves them valuable time. The work environment becomes a place of emulation, conviviality and comfort.

But the impact is also  important in terms of image for the company. Equipped with these new digital tools, it increases its attractiveness, which is essential for the recruitment of young employees and the retention of talent. The modern corporate image will also be able to reach visitors who, having downloaded the mobile application, will be welcomed with much better consideration (recognition at reception, guidance ...), "explains Arnaud Masson, CEO of Insiteo.
Many use-cases are imagined daily by Insiteo's customers and partners, and involve a wide variety of actors: optimization of maintenance (geolocalized pictures and agent guidance), cleaning (detection of not frequented areas), security (location of incident, confirmation of presence), etc.

2017: Confirming the leading position in France and Europe

The year 2017 looks as prolific as 2016 with the start of many projects. Insiteo will continue its momentum and should confirm its leading position in the smart buildings market in France and Europe.
The company intends to capitalize on the strategic partnerships it has forged in 2016 with players such as Capgemini, IBM, Comptoirs and Netisse to strengthen its position in the smart buildings market.
By 2017, these partnerships are already bearing fruit. Several deployments initiated at the beginning of the year are in progress, similar to the one signed with the real estate developer ICADE, with which Insiteo is collaborating on their brand new Parisian showroom ("SmartDesk") in La Défense.
To meet the many projects, Insiteo plans to hire new employees. The company is currently looking for mobile, server and R&D engineers.